not found select handle.handle,bitstream.sequence_id,handle.handle_id,collection.collection_id as name,mv1.text_value as filename,item.uuid as item_id from item item inner join collection on item.owning_collection = collection.uuid inner join item2bundle on item.uuid = item2bundle.item_id inner join bundle2bitstream on item2bundle.bundle_id = bundle2bitstream.bundle_id inner join bitstream on bundle2bitstream.bitstream_id = bitstream.uuid inner join metadatavalue mv1 on bitstream.uuid = mv1.dspace_object_id and mv1.metadata_field_id = 64 inner join handle on item.uuid = handle.resource_id where handle.handle = :handle and mv1.text_value not like '%.txt' and mv1.text_value not like '%.jpg' and mv1.text_value <> 'license.txt' 1/1740