Brotherhood of St Laurence

Searching the catalogue


The search bar enables you to search across all of the BSL library collections. This includes all of the electronic resources as well as the print holdings (Including archival material). All staff and are entitled to access these resources and borrow from the BSL library.

To start searching:

In the search bar, type in your search term, a word or multiple words in the search box. The order of the words does not affect the retrieval results.

Use inverted commas if you want to search for a particular phrase, e.g. “Clean Jobs”. Once you click search, a list of results will appear in the catalogue or use the advanced search function to make your search more specific.

TIP: be sure to use the filters on the left to refine your search! (Under Refine Your Search)


Advanced Searching

Advanced searching can help when a more complex search is required. The advanced search form offers many ways to limit the results of your search. You can search using the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT; limit by item type; limit by year and language; limit by subtypes audience, content, format, or additional content types; by location and by availability. You can use as many sections as you need, none are mandatory, as long as there is at least one search term or one limit selected.

1.You can enter search terms into the different fields (e.g., Keyword, Author, Subject) to use in your Advanced Search and you can use Boolean operators (AND, OR, & NOT) to combine these search terms in order to get either very focused or very broad search results.

2.   2. Under the search boxes, there are tabs that allows you to limit your search by item type, shelving location or collection.

3.Further options are available to refine the search, by date, format and relevance.  

4.Click Search 

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