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Ticket to Work : valuation of key outcomes / Social Ventures Australia Consulting

by Social Ventures Australia Consulting | Social Ventures Australia | Ticket to Work.

Publisher: Sydney, N.S.W Social Ventures Australia : 2020Description: 38 p. PDF.Online Access: DOWNLOAD PDF Summary: This report draws on the data from that study to estimate two scenarios: a Ticket to Work scenario and a ‘Business as Usual’ scenario based on data about employment outcomes for young people with disability who did not participate in Ticket to Work. Figure 1 demonstrates the impact of Ticket to Work: far more participants are in the labour force, employed, and in open employment than would otherwise have been the case. -- page 1Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Ticket to Work [website] / Ticket to Work ; BSL

by Ticket to Work | Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Publisher: [Fitzroy,Vic] : Brotherhood St Laurence, [2022.]Online Access: Ticket to Work Website Notes: Ticket to Work works to improve employment opportunities and outcomes for young people with disability. The initiative grew out of research that showed participation in work and career experience during secondary school are key indicators of post-school success for young people with disability. Work is a fundamental part of adult life. It gives us a sense of purpose and a feeling of worth; shaping who we are and how we fit into our community. Because work is so essential, students with disability must not be deprived the opportunity to explore employment pathways in their transition to adulthood. Ticket to Work does not provide direct services to young people with disability or their families. We encourage people to use our website to learn more about evidence based practice in school to work transition. Ticket to Work has a podcast series that explores the 'world of work' for young people with disability. Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Ticket to Work submission to the New Disability Employment Support Model : focus on young people with disability / Ticket to Work

by Ticket to Work.

Publisher: [Fitzroy,Vic] : [Ticket to Work,] 2022Description: 25 p. PDF.Other title: New Disability Employment Support Model.Online Access: DOWNLOAD PDF Summary: Ticket to Work aims to improve open employment participation in Australia by working collaboratively, advocating for systemic change, and providing an architecture for optimal employment and career achievement for young people with disability . We would welcome the opportunity to put in a submission and happy to provide further information regarding our submission and to work with the DSS to ensure young people with disability are able to successfully transition into decent employment. This submission provides a background to the current situation that young people with disability find themselves in. It also provides guidance on the way forward,drawing on our Ticket to Work experience and other relevant research. Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Transitions to employment of Australian young people with disability and the Ticket to Work Initiative / Michelle Wakeford and Fiona Waugh (Ticket to Work)

by Wakeford, Michelle | Ticket to Work | Waugh, Fiona.

Publisher: [Fitzroy,Vic] : [Ticket to Work,] 2014Description: [88 p] + [10 p.] PDF.Online Access: Report | Summary Summary: ‘School to work’ transition refers to the critical socio-economic life changing period between approximately 15 to 24 years of age – a period when young individuals develop and build skills, based on their initial education and training that helps them become productive members of the society (World Bank, 2009). ‘School to work’ transition is challenging for almost every young person. It is in this critical education transition period that a young person’s future can be determined, and the success (or otherwise) of the transition can have implications that last a lifetime. This is particularly true for young people with disability. The impact of young people with disability making a successful transition from school to work and/or further study is critical as a positive one can greatly improve their long-term economic future, wellbeing and inclusion in society. Those who do not make a successful transition are at greater risk of labour-force and social exclusion, as well physical and mental health risks. Hence targeted and strategic policy and program intervention during transition provides benefit to the individual as well as our wider society and economy. Indeed, research has shown that transition points in life, or the ‘fork in the road’ periods, are important times in an individual’s life when timely resources and support investment in can assist in avoiding or minimising long-term disadvantage (Ziguras, 2005). During the transition from school period young people often encounter great uncertainties and tremendous developmental challenges. These issues may be made more stressful by the presence of a disability, therebyincreasing the risk of social exclusion amongst those young people who are transitioning and have a disability (Yu 2009; Blacher 2001; Dewson et al. 2004; Lichtenstein 1998; Winn and Hay 2009). Research shows that Australian young people with disability are not successfully transitioning from school into further training or employment; a factor that is an indicator of long term, and often life-long, disadvantage. In Australia, young people with disability are more likely to drop out of school early, be excluded from the labour force, have fewer educational qualifications, experience poverty and be socially isolated. Improving these outcomes is a societal imperative as well as an economic one. Societal, in that it enables all people to participate fully in society and be active citizens. Economic, because increasing the number of persons with disability in employment can contribute to mitigating some of the labour force effects imposed by an ageing population, can reduce pension dependency and improve individuals’ overall financial and wellbeing status. Ticket to Work is an initiative that was borne out of an awareness that Australian young people were not successfully transition to employment from school and the need to provide targeted support to avoid long term disadvantage. Ticket to Work is underpinned by a philosophy that ‘every young person with disability is entitled to participate in the community, source appropriate employment and be socially included’ and, that to achieve this, a localised partnership network-driven approach increases the likelihood of achieving the philosophical goal. Ticket to Work aims to improve post-school transitions of young people with disability, not only for the benefit of the individual but also for the benefit of our wider society and economy. [Summary – from report] Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

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