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Accumulating poverty? : women's experiences of inequality over the lifecycle : an issues paper examining the gender gap in retirement savings /

by Cerise, Somali | O'Connell, Karen | Rosenman, Elena | Sarat Chandran, Priya.

Publisher: Sydney, N.S.W. Australian Human Rights Commission 2009Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Summary: Sect. 1: Introduction -- Sect. 2: Causes of the gender gap in retirement savings -- Sect. 3: Why does the gender gap in the retirement income system matter? Average superannuation balances and payouts -- Sect. 4: A snapshot of ; women's accumulated poverty - Distribution of retirement savings by age and gender - Income and assets during retirement - Sect. 5: Women's experiences of inequality over the lifecycle - Education and training - Entering the paid workforce for the first time - Career progression - Pregnancy - Maternity and parental leave - Caring for children (a) Unequal division of unpaid caring work - (b) Lack of structural support for employees with caring responsibilities - (c) ; Lack of social and economic value placed on unpaid caring work - Caring across the lifecycle - Gendered ageism - Gender-based violence - Divorce or separation -- ; Sect. 6: The consequences of the gender gap in retirement savings -- Sect. 7: Building financial security for women over the lifecycle - Solutions for closing the gender gap in retirement savings. Remove the barriers to women's participation in the paid workforce and close the gender pay gap - Invest in measures to redress women's disadvantage in the superannuation scheme - Specifically recognise and reward unpaid caring work in the retirement income system -- Sect. 8: ConclusionAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Engendering social policy. /

by Watson, Sophie (ed.) | Doyal, Lesley (ed.).

Publisher: Buckingham, U.K. Open University Press 1999Description: [vii], 211 p. : ill.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index. Introduction / Sophie Watson -- 1. The changing worlds of work and families / Hilary Land -- 2. Sex, gender and health : a new approach / Lesley Doyal -- 3. City/genders / Sophie Watson -- 4. 'She's there for me' : caring in a rural community / Imogen Taylor -- 5. Child protection policy and practice : women in the front line / Elaine Farmer and Margaret Boushel -- 6. The criminalization of female poverty / Christina Pantazis -- 7. Domestic violence policy in the 1990s / Gill Hague -- 8. Fatherhood, children and violence : placing the UK in an international context / Marianne Hester and Lynne Harne -- 9. Mainstreaming equality / Teresa Rees -- 10. 'Dangerous and different' : reconstructions of madness in the 1990s and the role of mental health policy / Sarah Payne.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Gender-Class Equality in Political Economies /

by Cooke, Lynn Prince.

Publisher: New York, NY Routledge 2011Description: xxvi, 270 p. : ill.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.Summary: This book offers an in-depth analysis of gender-class equality across six countries to reveal why gender-class equality in paid and unpaid work remains elusive, and what more policy might do to achieve better social and economic outcomes. This book is the first to meld cross-time with cross-country comparisons, link macro structures to micro behavior, and connect class with gender dynamics to yield fresh insights into where we are on the road to gender equality, why it varies across industrialized countries, and the barriers to further progress.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Global issues, women and justice. /

by Pickering, Sharon (ed.) | Lambert, Caroline (ed.).

Publisher: Sydney, N.S.W. Sydney Institute of Criminology 2004Description: 378 p.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Migrant women and discrimination in Australia: a tiered narrative study /

by Bamforth, Jill | Deakin University. Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation.

Publisher: Geelong, Vic. Deakin University. Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation March 2011Description: PDF.Other title: Citizenship and globalisation research paper ; volume 2, no. 2.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: December 2010 Includes bibliographical referencesSummary: Whilst media representations of race relations in Australia depict a tolerant multicultural society, official records of discrimination, together with public events concerning migrant women, have combined to unsettle this egalitarian view. This article reports on a tiered study which uses the methods of critical race theory to provide insights into the nature and extent of race and gender discrimination experienced by migrant women in Australia. These insights are derived from a first hand narrative account of one migrant woman's experiences of the rental housing market and legal system, and a comparison of her narrative with those told of the same event by one social work and two legal professionals. The study reveals that, although the migrant woman's legal challenges were successful, she experienced serious reprisals related to these challenges, and was involved in a cycle of housing related difficulties which her legal challenges did not address. The comparison of the accounts shows that the professionals? accounts took either a 'telescopic' or 'panoramic' view of these issues. Whilst the panoramic view resulted in a greater awareness of the social context of the migrant woman's housing and legal difficulties, race and gender discrimination were not always identified. The study concludes that the professional and institutional filtration of discrimination means that the view of multicultural tolerance in Australia remains unchallenged.Availability: (1)

The Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act : aspirations and apprehensions. /

by Sawer, Marian.

Publisher: Sydney, N.S.W. Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 2004Description: HTML.Notes: URL: '' Checked: 6/10/2008 10:18:37 AM Status: Live Details: HTTP status 200 - Usual success responseAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

The international handbook of gender and poverty : concepts, research, policy /

by Chant, Sylvia (ed.).

Publisher: Cheltenham, U.K. Edward Elgar 2010Description: xxxiv, 698 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and indexSummary: In the interests of contextualising (and nuancing) the multiple interrelations between gender and poverty, Sylvia Chant has gathered writings on diverse aspects of the subject from a range of disciplinary and professional perspectives, achieving extensive thematic as well as geographical coverage. This benchmark volume presents women's and men's experiences of gendered poverty with respect to a vast spectrum of intersecting issues including local to global economic transformations, family, age, 'race', migration, assets, paid and unpaid work, health, sexuality, human rights, and conflict and violence. The Handbook also provides up-to-the-minute reflections on how to theorise, measure and represent the connections between gender and poverty, and to contemplate how gendered poverty is affected - and potentially redressed - by policy and grassroots interventions. An unprecedented and ambitious blend of conceptual, methodological, empirical and practical offerings from a host of established as well as upcoming scholars and professionals from across the globe lends the volume a distinctive and critical edge. Notwithstanding the broad scope of The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty, one theme in common to most of its 100-plus chapters is the need to 'en-gender' analysis and initiatives to combat poverty and inequality at local, national and international levels. As such, the volume will inspire its readers not only to reflect deeply on poverty and gender injustice, but also to consider what to do about it. This book will be essential reading for all with academic, professional or personal interests in gender, poverty, inequality, development, and social, political and economic change in the contemporary world.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

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