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Age and labour market commitment in Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden /

by Hult, Carl | Edlund, Jonas.

Publisher: 2008Availability: No items available

Ageing in place : what can we learn from each other? : the sixth F. Oswald Barnett Oration. /

by Tinker, Anthea.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. 1999Description: 28 p.Other title: Oswald Barnett Oration | F. Oswald Barnett Oration ; no.6.Notes: Oration held at St Johns Southgate, Thursday, 9 September 1999.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Annual transitions between labour market states for young Australians /

by Buddelmeyer, Hielke | National Centre for Vocational Education Research | Marks, Gary.

Publisher: Adelaide, S.A. National Centre for Vocational Education Research 2010Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: Bibliography : p. 35 INTO AND OUT OF WORK SCHOOL TO WORKSummary: Having a choice of transition pathways from school to work, further education or training gives young people the best chance of success. Using the 1995 cohort of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth, this study looks at the role post-school qualifications play in the year-by-year movement between labour market states by young people. Higher post-school qualifications are found to increase the chances of being permanently employed and provide protection against being persistently unemployed or out of the labour force.Availability: (1)

Australian Unity wellbeing index : survey 21 : Part A : the report /

by Cummins, Robert A.

Publisher: Geelong, Vic. Deakin University 2009Description: PDF.Other title: The wellbeing of Australians : gambling, chocolate and Swine.Online Access: Electronic copy Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Award reliance and differences in earnings by gender /

by Pointon, Miranda | Fair Work Australia | Wheatley, Troy | Ellis, Grant | MacDermott, Kathy.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. Fair Work Australia 2012Description: PDF.Other title: Fair Work Australia. Research report ; no. 3/2012.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: February 2012 Bibliography : p. 58-59Summary: This report explores a number of the questions raised with respect to the composition of the award-reliant sector and the potential impact of an increase in award wages on the gap between female and male wages. ; HOUSEHOLD, INCOME AND LABOUR DYNAMICS IN AUSTRALIA SURVEY (HILDA)Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Before and after the economic crisis : what implications for the 'European Social Model'? /

by Moreau, Marie-Ange (ed.).

Publisher: Northampton, MA Edward Elgar Publishing 2011Description: xii, 321 p.Other title: European University Institute (EUI). Conference papers.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index Contents: Contributors: N. Aliprantis, C. Barnard, M. Bell, S. Deakin, F. Dorssemont, A.-M. Konsta, H. Kountouros, S. Laulom, A. Lo Faro, P. Loi, J. Malmberg, C. Marzo, M.-A. Moreau, U. M ckenberger, J.J. Paris, B. Ryan, A. Supiot, D. Vaughan-Whitehead, C. Vigneau, L. Waddington INTO AND OUT OF WORKSummary: This timely book casts new light on the key issues arising from the contentious debate around the future of the European Social Model. The book brings together leading experts to provide a thorough and well-informed response to the recent developments in European social and labour law and policy, in the light of institutional changes. The contributors provide unique insights as they evaluate the impact of the enlargement processes, the implications of the Lisbon treaty, the integration of the Charter into EU law - and, crucially, the consequences of the economic crisis.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Changing gender roles to deal with work and family. /

by Cox, Eva.

Publisher: 1994Description: p.127-146.Notes: Rec. no. for book: B6422 indexed chapterAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Changing Poverty and Changing Antipoverty Policies /

by Cancian, Maria | University of Wisconsin, Madison. Institute for Research on overty | Danziger, Sheldon.

Publisher: Madison WI Institute for Research on Poverty 2009Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Summary: This 43-page US discussion paper reviews three cross-cutting factors that shape the extent and nature of poverty and prospects for reducing poverty: the changing role of race and ethnicity in the labor market and society; changing gender roles that influence both trends in labor force participation of women and patterns of family formation and childbearing; and the recent history of social welfare programs and policiesAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Confronting equality : gender, knowledge and global change /

by Connell, Raewyn.

Publisher: Crows Nest, N.S.W. Polity Press 2011Description: 190 p. ; 21 cm.Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. [170]-186) and index.Summary: What does social equality mean now, in a world of markets, global power and new forms of knowledge? In this book Raewyn Connell combines vivid research with theoretical insight and radical politics to address this question. The focus moves across gender equality struggles, family change, class and education, intellectual workers, and the global dimension of social science, to contemporary theorists of knowledge and global power, and the political dilemmas of today's left. Written with clarity and passion, this book proposes a bold agenda for social science, and shows it in action.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Creating the links : families and social responsibility. /

by National Council for the International Year of the Family (Australia) | Cass, Bettina.

Publisher: Canberra, A.C.T. AGPS 1994Description: xi, 278 p.Notes: Important erratum for page 162. 'Final report.' 'Chair: Professor Bettina Cass AO.'Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Divorce and the wellbeing of older Australians /

by Gray, Matthew | Australian Institute of Family Studies | De Vaus, David | Qu, Lixia | Stanton, David.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. Australian Institute of Family Studies 2010Description: PDF.Other title: Australian Institute of Family Studies [AIFS]. Research paper.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: April 2010Summary: This paper shows that divorce has a long-lasting, negative impact on wellbeing and the effects appear to persist into later life for both men and women. However, the negative effects of divorce on wellbeing are largely confined to those who do not re-partner and remain single. An important difference between men and women is that for women who are divorced and single, negative effects of divorce are found for general health, vitality and mental health, while for men, there appear to be no effects of divorce on these health measures.Availability: (1)

Does gender trump money? : housework hours of husbands and wives in Britain /

by Kan, Man Yee.

Publisher: 2008Availability: No items available

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow /

by Kelly, Simon.

Publisher: Canberra, A.C.T. National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling 2009Description: PDF.Summary: New research shows that Australians are not saving enough to afford a comfortable retirement yet they are working less and spending more years in retirement than ever before. ; According to this report we now expect to spend around 20 years in retirement after age 65. In 1909 only around half of all Australians lived to age 65. ; The report considers how realistic present retirement expectations are given levels of retirement savings. It considers the impact that increasing future superannuation contributions would have and whether increased superannuation will rescue baby boomer women from the poverty that appears likely to await many of them. ; To address the critical issue of adequate retirement funding the report considers the benefit of increasing the Superannuation Guarantee (SG) from 9 per cent to 12 per cent. In 30 years time the superannuation balances of men are projected to increase by 25 per cent. For women aged 45 to 54, the projected increase is 7 per cent, for women aged 55 to 64 it will be 22 per cent and for women aged 65 and over the estimated increase is 30 per cent.Availability: No items available

Education, first occupation and later occupational attainment : cross-cohort changes among men and women in Britain /

by Bukodi, Erzsebet | University of London. Institute of Education. Centre for ongitudinal Studies.

Publisher: London, U.K. University of London, Institute of Education, Centre for Longitudinal Studies 2009Description: PDF.Other title: University of London. Institute of Education. Centre for.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: December 2009 Bibliography : p. 22-24 INTO AND OUT OF WORK SCHOOL TO WORKSummary: This paper examines cohort and gender differences in occupational attainment in Britain. Using data from the three British Birth Cohort studies, I investigate the process of occupational attainment up to age 34 using a scale based on occupational earnings. Although qualifications appear to have stronger effects on occupational attainment for women than for men at both labour market entry and in the midthirties, I find no consistent evidence that the importance of qualifications is becoming greater across cohorts, either for men or for women. Also, there are no indications that the effects of occupation at labour market entry on men?s and women?s later occupational attainment have been strengthening over time. However, the findings do point to the possibility of cohort-specific effects: the experience of men and women in the 1958 cohort consistently differs from that of those in both the 1946 and 1970 cohorts.Availability: (1)

Engendering social policy. /

by Watson, Sophie (ed.) | Doyal, Lesley (ed.).

Publisher: Buckingham, U.K. Open University Press 1999Description: [vii], 211 p. : ill.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index. Introduction / Sophie Watson -- 1. The changing worlds of work and families / Hilary Land -- 2. Sex, gender and health : a new approach / Lesley Doyal -- 3. City/genders / Sophie Watson -- 4. 'She's there for me' : caring in a rural community / Imogen Taylor -- 5. Child protection policy and practice : women in the front line / Elaine Farmer and Margaret Boushel -- 6. The criminalization of female poverty / Christina Pantazis -- 7. Domestic violence policy in the 1990s / Gill Hague -- 8. Fatherhood, children and violence : placing the UK in an international context / Marianne Hester and Lynne Harne -- 9. Mainstreaming equality / Teresa Rees -- 10. 'Dangerous and different' : reconstructions of madness in the 1990s and the role of mental health policy / Sarah Payne.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Feathers in the nest : establishing a supportive environment for women researchers /

by Hartley, Nicole | Dobele, Angela.

Publisher: Australian Educational Researcher 2009Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Summary: This paper discusses research examining the attitudes and behaviours of researching women in academia and considers the effect of these factors on successful researching outcomes. The results of this exploratory research highlight in particular, a number of interesting environmental influencers which contribute to enhancing successful work outcomes for academic women researchers. Specifically, personal factors such as, marital status, partner support, age, cultural background and level of organisation (in life) coupled with, research defined factors such as incentive for conducting the research and the existence of research partnerships and/or groups are identified as significant performance influencers. These dimensions appear to facilitate the level of research productivity for women academics based on key performance indicators such as journal/conference paper submissions and successful research funding applications. The potential benefits of this exploratory research are that any correlation between specific self-supporting attitudes or behaviours of successful women academics and effective research outcomes could provide important clues to both emerging and continuing researchers for career development and promotion.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Gender and Entrepreneurship Together : GET ahead for women in enterprise : training package and resource kit /

by Bauer, Susanne | International Labour Office | Finnegan, Gerry | Haspels, Nelien | Deelen, Linda | Seltik, Heng | Majurin, Eva.

Edition: 2nd editionPublisher: Bangkok, Thailand International Labour Office 2008Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: May 2008 Bibliography : p. 323-333 INTO AND OUT OF WORKSummary: The training package Gender and Entrepreneurship Together aims to assist ILO partner organizations in promoting enterprise development among women in poverty who want to start or are already engaged in small-scale business. The training package consists of three parts. Part 1 sets out the main aims and strategies, and gives an overview of the training content and structure. It provides tips for trainers and hints for organizing training on GET Ahead for women in enterprise. Part 2 is organized in four main sections and covers a total of 10 modules. Each module consists of a series of exercises. Each exercise starts with listing the specific learning objectives for participants, gives an overview of the training aids needed, outlines possible preparatory activities which need to be carried out before the start of an exercise and provides a step-by-step session plan. Part 3 provides resource and reference materials for trainers and entrepreneurs.Availability: (1)

Gender and social policy in a global context : uncovering the gendered structure of 'the social /

by Razavi, Shahra | Hassim, Shireen.

Publisher: Hampshire, U.K. Palgrave Macmillan 2006Description: xvii, 355 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Gender inequalities in the 21st century : new barriers and continuing constraints /

by Scott, Jacqueline (ed.) | Crompton, Rosemary (ed.) | Lyonette, Clare (ed.).

Publisher: Cheltenham, U.K. ; Northampton, MA Edward Elgar Publishing 2010Description: xiii, 297 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.Other title: Gender inequalities in the twenty-first century.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents: Introduction: What's New About Gender Inequalities in the 21st Century? / Jacqueline Scott, Rosemary Crompton and Clare Lyonette - Becoming Adult: The Persisting Importance of Class and Gender / Ingrid Schoon - Class Reproduction, Occupational Inheritance and Occupational Choices / Fiona Devine - Ethnic Differences in Women's Economic Activity: A Focus on Pakistani and Bangladeshi Women / Angela Dale and Sameera Ahmed - Gender and the Post-industrial Shift / Janette Webb - Penalties of Part-time Work Across Europe / Tracey Warren - Feminising Professions in Britain and France: How Countries Differ / Nicky Le Feuvre - Gender Segregation and Bargaining in Domestic Labour: Evidence from Longitudinal Time-use Data/ Man Yee Kan and Jonathan Gershuny - Family, Class and Gender 'Strategies' in Mothers' Employment and Childcare / Rosemary Crompton and Clare Lyonette - Perceptions of Quality of Life: Gender Differences Across the Life Course / Jacqueline Scott, Anke C. Plagnol and Jane Nolan - Within-Household Inequalities Across Classes' Management and Control of Money / Fran Bennett, Jerome De Henau and Sirin Sung - Restructuring Gender Relations: Women's Labour Market Participation and Earnings Inequality Among Households / Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund and Arne Mastekaasa - Feminist Policies and Feminist Conflicts: Daddy's Care or Mother's Milk? / Anne Lise Ellings ter - A Mysterious Commodity: Capitalism and Femininity / Mary Evans.Summary: Both women and men strive to achieve a work and family balance, but does this imply more or less equality? Does the persistence of gender and class inequalities refute the notion that lives are becoming more individualized ? Leading international authorities document how gender inequalities are changing and how many inequalities of earlier eras are being eradicated. However, this book shows there are new barriers and constraints that are slowing progress in attaining a more egalitarian society. Taking the new global economy into account, the expert contributors to this book examine the conflicts between different types of feminisms, revise old debates about ?equality? and ?difference? in the gendered nature of work and care, and propose new and innovative policy solutions.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

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