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Challenges that face Somali young people in Australia and solutions : analysis. /

by Omar, Yusuf Sheikh.

Publisher: 2004Description: 42 p.Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 40-42)Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Family harmony : understanding family violence in Somali and Eritrean communities in the western region of Melbourne. /

by Gordon, Ruth | Adam, Munira.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. Women's Health West 2005Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Integration experiences and youth perspectives : an exploratory study between school-going Somali youth in Melbourne, Australia, and Minneapolis, USA /

by Omar Sheikh, Yusuf.

Publisher: 2011Description: 20 p.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: Bibliography : p. 19-20 Refugee Health Research Centre, School of Social Sciences La Trobe UniversitySummary: Somali youth from the cities of Melbourne, Australia, and Minneapolis, USA, are generally aspirants to and positive about the current and future educational opportunities they have in Australia and the USA. But those from Minneapolis tend to speak more clearly about these opportunities. Youth and parents agree that Somali girls perform well at school compared with boys. Students preferences for post-secondary programs are varied. Reasons for choosing these programs are also different, but the most popular reason is to help Somali people who are in difficult situations because of the protracted civil war. Both student groups from Melbourne and Minneapolis mentioned several educational challenges.Availability: (1)

Joined hands bring success [Gacmo wada jiraa galladi ka dhalataa] : a resource for service providers working with Somali people. /

by Robinson, Julian.

Publisher: Collingwood, Vic. Ecumenical Migration Centre 1999Description: 55 p.Online Access: DOWNLOAD PDF Notes: 2 copiesAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).
Items available for reference: BSL Archives (1).

Parenting partnerships in culturally diverse child care settings : a care provider perspective. /

by Hand, Kelly | Wise, Sarah.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. Australian Institute of Family Studies 2006Description: x, 29 p.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 27-29) May 2006Availability: (1)

Research report on loneliness narratives : a Somali experience. /

by Narchal, Renu.

Publisher: Parramatta, N.S.W. Baulkham Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre 2006Description: PDF.Notes: URL: '' Checked: 22/04/2009 2:37:51 PM Status: Live Details: HTTP status 200 - Usual success responseAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

The educational and employment aspirations of Somali high-school students in Melbourne : some insights from a small study

by Omar, Yusuf Sheikh | Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Publisher: Fitzroy, Vic.Paper presented at the 28th Annual AFSAAP Conference, Africa: Peace, Progress, Passion and Sustainability, Friday 25 November to Sunday 27 November 2005 University of New England, Armidale, NSW. 2005Description: ii, 31p.Online Access: DOWNLOAD PDF Notes: November 2005 Summary: This report, based on a paper presented at the 28th AFSAAP Conference 2005, documents a small study involving interviews with Somali high-school students and their parents in Melbourne. The aim was to describe and analyse the parents views of their children s education and the types of employment they saw as desirable, as well as the students perspectives and aspirations, set against the background of Somali educational tradition and the pressures facing families adjusting to a new country.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).
Items available for reference: BSL Archives (1).

The Somali Bantu : their history and culture. /

by Van Lehman, Dan | Eno, Omar.

Publisher: Washington, DC Centre for Applied Linguistics 2003Description: PDF.Notes: URL: '' Checked: 6/10/2008 10:40:39 AM Status: Live Details: HTTP status 200 - Usual success responseAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Unlocking protracted displacement : Somali case study /

by Lindley, Anna | University of Oxford. Oxford Department of International evelopment. Refugee Studies Centre | Haslie, Anita.

Publisher: Oxford, U.K. Oxford University. Refugee Studies Centre August 2011Description: 53 p.Other title: Refugee Studies Centre. Working Paper Series No. 79.Online Access: Electronic copy Summary: Two decades since the collapse of the Somali Republic, the Somali regions are still suffering from chronic political uncertainty, violence and high levels of internal and external population displacement. Protracted displacement situations which began in the 1990s have been overlaid by new crises. Most recently, in 2011, the drought has intersected with governance failures, to produce widespread livelihood loss, famine and displacement on a massive scale. By early July 2011, UNHCR estimated that a quarter of Somalia?s population was displaced, either internally or as refugees. In terms of both the numbers of people affected and their humanitarian and protection needs, the current situation is widely acknowledged to be among the worst displacement situations in the world...Exec summaryAvailability: (1)

You can never be on one side alone : some young Somali-Kiwi women's narratives about identity, resettlement and community development in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand /

by James, Emily Kathryn.

Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. Victoria University of Wellington, School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences 2013Description: PDF.Notes: 2013 "A thesis submitted to Victoria University of Wellington in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of Master of Development Studies." (from title page) Includes bibliographic references pp. 113-120Summary: This research investigates how young Somali women are navigating through the resettlement process while negotiating their own identities in Wellington, New Zealand. Employing the use of participatory methods within a feminist qualitative methodology, I created a project that enabled the young women to voice their opinions regarding identity construction, cultural maintenance and their goals for the future.Availability: No items available

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