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Beyond the blunt instrument : the efficiency dividend and its alternatives /

by Doggett, Jennifer | Centre for Policy Development.

Publisher: Sydney, N.S.W. Centre for Policy Development 2010Description: PDF.Other title: Centre for Policy Development. Occasional paper ; no. 11.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: November 2010 Bibliography : p. 37-42Summary: This report aims to provide a framework for the development of a new approach to supporting public sector agencies to be more efficient by drawing on the findings of Australian and international literature and the outcomes of a consultation process with APS employees. It identifies key principles which should underlie a new approach to measuring and promoting efficiency within the APS and makes specific recommendations on identified options for replacing the Efficiency Dividend. It also looks at the role of efficiency measures in the context of other worthwhile goals for improving the public service - such as transparency, accountability, the long-term quantity and quality of services and the equity of public access to and impact of services.Availability: (1)

Bilingual staff research : report. /

by Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health.

Publisher: Carlton, Vic. Centre for Ethnicity Culture and Health 2008Description: PDF.Notes: URL: '' Checked: 2/03/2009 9:53:53 AM Status: Live Details: HTTP status 200 - Usual success responseAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Climate change and sustainable public services : ILC-UK/British Society of Gerontology Think Piece /

by Evans, Simon | International Longevity Centre UK.

Publisher: London, U.K. International Longevity Centre UK 2011Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: March 2011 Bibliography : p. 9Summary: This report argues that public sector responses to climate change must address adaptation and mitigation. Increasing environmental, financial and social pressures make this the ideal time to mainstream innovative ways of providing public services. Recent British Government policy for the public sector has included a strong focus on addressing climate change and promoting sustainability in the commissioning and delivery of services. Yet whilst a range of strategies and tools have been developed to address these issues for health services but that the sustainability agenda is far less developed in the social care sector. This think piece promotes a recent research project which highlighted several examples of good practice in developing sustainable systems of social care. These included incorporating sustainable outcomes in commissioning decisions, reducing the travel miles incurred through delivering care, implementing telecare solutions as a core part of care packages and appointing green champions within each serviceAvailability: (1)

Demystifying the tendering process. /

by Victorian Council of Social Service.

Publisher: 1995Availability: No items available

Enhancing the use of evaluation findings : a DEET perspective. /

by Jarvie, Wendy.

Publisher: 1992Description: p.58.1 - 58.8 (volume 2).Notes: Rec. no for book B4654 Conference paper from International Conference on 'Evaluation : Making it Work'. All papers from this conference have the same ID : INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Evaluation : Making it Work (1992 : Melbourne). indexed chapterAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Enterprising states : the public management of welfare-to -work. /

by Considine, Mark.

Publisher: Cambridge, U.K. Cambridge University Press 2001Description: x, 220 p.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Just another business? : an examination of the marketisation of community services. /

by Keenan, Michelle | Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Publisher: Brotherhood of St Laurence (unpub.) 1995Description: 9 p.Online Access: DOWNLOAD PDF Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1), BSL Archives (1).

Local authority? How to develop leadership for better public services. /

by Chesterman, Danny | Horne, Matthew.

Publisher: London, U.K. DEMOS 2002Description: 68 p.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: July 2002 Includes bibliographical referencesAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Managing to survive : dilemmas of changing organisational forms in the public sector. /

by Clarke, John | Newman, Janet.

Publisher: 1993Description: p.46-63.Notes: Rec. no. for book: B6169 indexed chapterAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Now it's personal : personal advisers and the new public service workforce /

by McNeil , Clare | Institute for Public Policy Research.

Publisher: London, U.K. Institute for Public Policy Research 2009Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: Bibliography : p. 88-91 INTO AND OUT OF WORKSummary: For many of us, our experience of public services is shaped largely by our interaction with the frontline staff with whom we come into contact. The quality of that interaction can be just as important to us as the outcome we receive from the service. That a service is only as good as the people delivering it has become a clich . Yet what that understanding implies for public policy and how services are designed has not been sufficiently explored. This report gives shape to the argument that the next focus of public sector reform should be on the relationship between the citizen and frontline staff in public services. It does so by focusing on what matters in the relationship between citizen and the state on the frontline of public services. Specifically, it considers how the relationship between adviser and benefit claimant can be improved by ensuring frontline staff have the right incentives, degree of control over their work and autonomy to provide effective and responsive services.Availability: (1)

Personalisation through participation : a new script for public services. /

by Leadbeater, Charles | DEMOS.

Publisher: London, U.K. DEMOS 2004Description: 98 p.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 91-92)Summary: Charles Leadbeater believes that if government is serious about personalisation, public sector bodies should regard this promise as a big challenge to the way they currently operate. He explains how personalisation go beyond a simple consumer model to actually involving users in their design and delivery of the next generation of services.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Personalising public services : understanding the personalisation narrative /

by Needham, Catherine.

Publisher: Bristol, U.K. Policy Press 2011Description: iv, 209 p.Notes: Includes bibliographical references and indexSummary: Personalisation - the idea that public services should be tailored to the individual, with budgets devolved to the service user or frontline staff - is increasingly seen as the future of the welfare state. This book focuses on how personalisation evolved as a policy narrative and has mobilised such wide-ranging political support. It will be a valuable resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in public policy and social policy and for researchers and practitioners working in related fields.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Privatisation, competition and contracts. /

by Ernst, John.

Publisher: 1994Description: pp.101-135.Notes: Rec. no. for book: B6534 indexed chapterAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Public service, public values : the implementation of a charter of values in the Australian public service. /

by Wanna, John.

Publisher: 2005Description: PDF.Notes: URL: '' Checked: 6/10/2008 10:28:52 AM Status: Live Details: HTTP status 200 - Usual success responseAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Service delivery agreements : experimenting with Casemix funding and "Schools of the Future". /

by McGuire, Linda.

Publisher: 1994Description: pp.74-100.Notes: Rec. no. for book: B6534 indexed chapterAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Service sector reform : a roadmap for community and human services reform final report /

by Shergold, Peter.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. Victorian Council of Social Service. 2013Description: 59 p. PDF.Online Access: DOWNLOAD PDF Notes: July 2013 Summary: In late 2012 I was appointed to lead the Service Sector Reform project. The goal was to explore how government and non-government service providers can work together to improve outcomes for Victorians. I was asked to lead a process that engaged all stakeholders in a discussion about community and human services and in particular, to examine how support for Victoria?s most vulnerable people could be delivered in a more integrated way.Availability: (1)

Serving the nation : 100 years of public service. /

by Australia. Public Service and Merit Commission.

Publisher: Barton, A.C.T. Commonwealth of Australia 2001Description: viii, 265 p. : ill. (some col.), facsims., ports. (some col.).Notes: Includes index.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Social innovation, public good : new approaches to public sector productivity /

by Hetherington, David.

Publisher: Surry Hills, N.S.W. Per Capita Australia 2013Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: October 2013 Per Capita research paper Includes bibliographic references p. 14Summary: This short paper explores the idea of productivity in public services. It begins by questioning the longstanding practice of equating government inputs with outputs and the fashionable notion of assumed efficiency dividends. It then considers new approaches popular amongst philanthropists known as social impact investment, and specifically the social impact bond. After examining existing examples of social impact investment, it asks whether public service agencies could themselves form ventures to deliver outcomes under social impact bonds. Finally, the paper identifies several potential opportunities for social impact bonds which might be delivered by public sector agencies in Australia.Availability: (1)

The Centrelink experiment : innovation in service delivery. /

by Halligan, John | Wills, Jules.

Publisher: 2008Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic Copy Notes: Bibliography: p. 201-218 Family & early years School to work Into & out of work Retirement & ageingSummary: "Centrelink was established in 1997 as part of the Howard government s bold experiment in re-framing social policy and re-shaping service delivery. Centrelink was the embodiment of a key tenet of the Howard vision for public service: a specialised service delivery provider agency separated from the policy functions of the purchaser . Carved out of a monolithic Department of Social Security, Centrelink was established along business lines operating 320 service centres and delivering payments to 10 million Australians. Although enjoying monopoly provider status, the organisation was required to deliver services to many different clients on behalf of its purchasing departments (up to 25 in total) under the terms of quasi-contractual service agreements. It was meant to demonstrate a greater level of both transparency and accountability for the administration of payments amounting to over Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

The collaborative state : how working together can transform public services. /

by Parker, Simon (ed.) | Gallagher, Niamh (ed.).

Publisher: London, U.K. DEMOS 2007Description: PDF.Notes: URL: '' Checked: 6/10/2008 10:40:19 AM Status: Live Details: HTTP status 200 - Usual success responseAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

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