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'This arbitrary rearrangement of riches' : an alternative theory of the costliness of inflation. /

by Coleman, William.

Publisher: Canberra, A.C.T. Australian National University. Centre for Economic Policy Research 2007Description: PDF.Notes: URL: '' Checked: 6/10/2008 10:47:14 AM Status: Live Details: HTTP status 200 - Usual success responseAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Are older Australians being short changed? An analysis of household living costs /

by Kelly, Simon | National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre.

Publisher: Braddon, A.C.T. National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre 2011Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: November 2011 Bibliography p. 23 Appendices pp. 24-28Summary: In this report, we examine how well the consumer price index (CPI) measures inflation for the overall Australian community and how living cost pressures are being distributed throughout the population. We focus mainly on older Australian households (those with the head aged 50 years and over) as many of these households are on low incomes, and spend a large proportion of their budget on essential living cost ("non-discretionary") items. ; HOUSEHOLD, INCOME AND LABOUR DYNAMICS IN AUSTRALIA SURVEY (HILDA)Availability: (1)

Essential elements of a modern monetary economy with. applications to social security privatisation and the intergenerational debate . /

by Mitchell, William | Mosler, Warren.

Publisher: University of Newcastle. Centre for Full Employment and Equity 2005Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

GST and the inflation rate. /

by Murphy, Chris.

Publisher: Canberra, A.C.T. Centre for Economic Policy Research, ANU. 1992Description: 11 p.Notes: Paper presented to the Consumption Tax Conference, Feb. 1992.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

How low-income families could buy homes, and gain some protection from inflation : a discussion paper /

by Shaw, Harold | Brotherhood of St Laurence | Burbidge, Andrew | Scott, David.

Publisher: Fitzroy, Vic. Brotherhood of St Laurence 1972Description: 10 p.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: Executive Director, Brotherhood of St Laurence 1969-1980 20 December, 1972Availability: Items available for loan: BSL Archives (1).

Inflation : causes, consequences, cures : discourses on the debate between the monetary and trade union interpretations. /

by Robbins, Lionel Charles.

Publisher: London, U.K. Institute of Economic Affairs 1976Description: 120 p.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Just get over it : the cost of living in Australia /

by Soutphommasane, Tim | Per Capita.

Publisher: Surry Hills, N.S.W. Per Capita 2011Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: September 2011 Bibliography pp. 27-29Summary: This paper investigates the cost of living in Australia, an issue that has dominated recent political debate. It evaluates whether cost of living complaints are justified in light of economic reality and household consumption patterns. It considers how governments should respond to cost of living issues. While much public discourse suggests there is a generalised cost of living crisis, the reality is less alarming. Inflation figures indicate only a modest increase in the cost of living, even when adjusted to include mortgage interest and consumer credit charges. While the cost of some essential items have experienced price rises that exceed the CPI, with particularly negative effects on those on fixed and low incomes, these must be considered in light of the full economic context. Wage growth, low unemployment and higher household savings levels all indicate a disproportionate level of concern about the rising cost of living. Australian households are, on average, better off now than they ever have been.Availability: (1)

Managing the economy. /

by Davis, Kevin.

Publisher: 1989Description: p.66-109.Notes: Rec. no. for book : B1934 indexed chapterAvailability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Prices these days! : the cost of living in Australia /

by Phillips, Ben | National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling.

Publisher: Sydney, N.S.W. AMP 2012Description: PDF.Other title: AMP.NATSEM Income and Wealth Report, Issue 31.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: May 2012 Bibliography : p. 38Summary: Australian household income is outpacing the cost of living over the longer term, with disposable incomes increasing 20% over the last 27 years, while the average family is better off by Availability: (1)

The negative inflation-growth effect : theory and evidence. /

by Harris, Mark | Gillman, Max | Matyas, Laszlo.

Publisher: Parkville, Vic. Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research 2001Online Access: Electronic copy Availability: (1)

The Relative Price Index June 2011 : the CPI and the implications of changing cost pressures on various household groups /

by Dufty, Gavin | St Vincent de Paul Society | Macmillan, Ian.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. St Vincent de Paul Society 2011Description: PDF.Online Access: DOWNLOAD PDF Notes: October 2011Summary: Over the past 21 years there have been significant changes in the cost of various good and services within the Australian economy. In particular, many non discretionary items such as food, gas electricity and water charges, property rates and charges, household services, health, education and insurance services have either risen significantly and / or displayed a high degree of price volatility. Both of these factors have impacted upon the ability of many households to manage their finances. Many of these non-discretionary items are produced domestically and cost increases may reflect the impact of flood fire and drought, increased cost associated with infrastructure renewal, the cost of domestic labour and other factors.Availability: (1)

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