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The strains of growth : perspectives on access issues in the city of Casey. /

by Stanley, John | Craige, Geoff.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. Bus Association Victoria 2005Description: 74 p. : ill.Notes: Report prepared by John Stanley and Geoff Craige as part of the Victorian Access Study. May 2005 Bibliography: p. 74Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Literacy, numeracy and alternative dispute resolution /

by Cumming, J. Joy | National Centre for Vocational Education Research | Wilson, Janice M.

Publisher: Adelaide, S.A. National Centre for Vocational Education Research 2005Description: PDF.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

State and Territory consultations with migrant and refugee women . /

Publisher: Barton, A.C.T. Commonwealth Office of the Status of Women 2001Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Misusing aggregate data : the case of child care in Australia /

by Freedman, Craig | Vicary, Alison.

Publisher: 2007Availability: No items available

Training for access and equity in local government : a report on the Western Region Migrant Access and Training Project /

by Gucciardo-Masci, Tonina.

Publisher: Fitzroy, Vic. Ecumenical Migration Centre 1991Description: 25 p.Online Access: DOWNLOAD PDF Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Access and equity in government services reports /

by Australia. Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Publisher: Canberra, A.C.T. Australia. Department of Immigration and Citizenship 2011Description: HTML.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: electronic resource only Link contain the following years: 1998 ; 1999 ; 2000 ; 2001 ; 2002 ; 2003 ; 2004 ; 2005 ; 2006-2008 ; 2008-2010 PDF of latest year onlySummary: The government's Access and Equity Strategy and Framework provides a guide for all government agencies to deliver services and programs that are responsive to the needs of Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The reports feature examples of how government agencies are responding to the needs of Australia's multicultural society.Availability: (1)

Empowering language minorities through technology : which way to go? /

by Dooly, Melinda | eLearning Papers.

Publisher: Barcelona, Spain 2010Description: PDF.Other title: eLearning papers ; no. 19.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: April 2010Summary: The term 'Information Age' has been applied to the current era we now live in, based on the fact that technology and Internet are continuously changing the way people work, learn, spend their leisure time and interact with one another. At the same time, access to this means of interaction is not always equal, whether due to lack of experience, knowledge or economic access. The rate of these changes, and a feeling of uncertain consequences- can create a sense of uncontrollably rapid social changes and possible social fragmentation. In the face of this, education stakeholders must seriously consider how schooling can confront these challenges. This article will first give a brief overview of how the notion of social cohesion has been used in social and educational policies, focusing especially on two central points that emerge: social equality and education as a nexus for social cohesion. Next, the text looks at how education can undertake the challenge of eliminating social inequality and promoting social cohesion, followed by an analysis of one potentially disadvantaged group: speakers of minority languages. Perceptions of minority language groups in the EU are discussed and a general outline of potential educational disadvantages and social exclusion they may face is broached.Availability: (1)

The bigger picture : joining up solutions to achieve access and equity /

by Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia.

Publisher: Deakin, A.C.T. Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia 2010Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: Insights and Feedback on Commonwealth Government Services from FECCA's National Access and Equity Consultations with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities 2009-2010Summary: FECCA's access and equity report provides the community perspective on government services. It voices the concerns, needs and experiences of people who are directly affected by government policies and programs, people who in many cases experience multiple and complex barriers to participation and who may have no other way of raising their concerns. It also represents people who may be going through a particularly vulnerable or high needs period in their lives. In representing these needs with integrity FECCA seeks to help inform and strengthen the implementation of the whole of government Access and Equity Framework.Availability: Items available for loan: Brotherhood of St Laurence (1).

Equality, entitlements and localism /

by McCarvill, Phil | Institute for Public Policy Research.

Publisher: London, U.K. Institute for Public Policy Research 2010Description: 10 p.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: June 2010Summary: This paper explores the relationship between localism and notions of equality of access and outcomes for a range of groups and communities. The specific focus throughout is on the needs and experiences of those disabled people, ethnic minorities, older and younger people who are economically and socially excluded and/or currently experience differential outcomes from key public services. The central argument at the heart of this paper is that genuine localism will only be achieved if Whitehall believes that it can trust key parts of the public sector and local communities to deliver effective, accessible and equitable services for all.Availability: (1)

Creating accessible journeys /

by Victorian Council of Social Service.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. Victorian Council of Social Service 2011Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: July 2011 Bibliography p. 55 Appendices pp. 52-55Summary: This report has been produced by the Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) to examine the progress towards improving the public transport system in Victoria to meet the needs of a greater variety of users, including people with diverse mobility requirements. It builds upon information collated for our previous report of the Accessible Public Transport Watch Project, which surveyed the mobility needs of people with disabilities. This report uses information from that report, combined with interviews with public transport agencies, the results of a public consultation forum on accessible transport, and relevant academic publications to draw its conclusions. While the total transport system also includes private motor vehicles, taxis, aviation, shipping, active transport modes and community transport services, this report concentrates upon land-based scheduled public transport passenger services and related pedestrian movement in Victoria: i.e. buses, trains, trams and coaches.Availability: (1)

Report to the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister from the Advocate for Access to education /

by Hughes, Simon | Great Britain. Cabinet Office.

Publisher: London, U.K. Great Britain. Cabinet Office July 2011Description: PDF.Other title: The Hughes Report.Online Access: Electronic copy Summary: The report makes over thirty recommendations to increase participation in higher education. These recommendations are directed towards schools, colleges, universities, government and regulators.Availability: (1)

FECCA access and equity reports /

by Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia.

Publisher: Curtin, A.C.T. Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia 2012Description: PDF.Other title: Opening the door to access and equity : FECCA access and.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: Prepared for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Title varies. Link contain the following years: 2006 ; 2008 ; 2010 ; 2011 ; 2012 PDF of latest report onlySummary: Each year FECCA conducts consultations across Australia and invites culturally and linguistically diverse communities to speak out about their experiences with government service provision. Feedback from these consultations forms the foundations of FECCA's National Access and Equity Reports. These reports provide direct insights and feedback to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship and other core government departments on the performance of their services. Information gained from these consultations also feeds into FECCA's broader advocacy work. ; CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY DIVERSE (CALD)Availability: (1)

Barriers to and facilitators of utilisation of mental health services by young people of refugee background /

by Colucci, Erminia | Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture | Minas, Harry | Szwarc, Jo.

Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture 2012Description: PDF.Online Access: Electronic copy Notes: January 2012 Bibliography : p. 39-43Summary: The aim of this project was to explore the perspectives of experienced practitioners - working in mental health services or in contact with mental health services- about 'what works' and 'what does not work' in successfully engaging young people from refugee backgrounds with mental health services. Effective utilisation of services included first contact access as well as access to appropriate follow-up care, if needed. The resulting report on the findings identified what are considered to be effective and ineffective approaches to engage this population with such services.Availability: (1)

Responding to our diverse community : Hume City Council : access and equity policy and minimum standards. /

by Hume City Council. Strategic Planning Department.

Publisher: unpub. 1996Description: 1 v.Notes: December 1996Availability: No items available

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