Brotherhood of St Laurence
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March 2011 HC 505

The UK has a legal commitment to reduce its carbon emissions by 2050, and also to generate a higher percentage of energy from renewable sources by 2020. The Committee on Climate Change and others have called for a 'step change' to deliver the new low carbon infrastructure required to meet these targets. The scale of investment needed is unprecedented: most estimates range between 200 billion and 1 trillion over the next 10-20 years. Traditional sources of capital for investment in green infrastructure can only provide 50 to 80 billion up to 2025, leaving a funding gap running into hundreds of billions of pounds. The Government's top priority is to cut the deficit, so investment will have to come predominately from the private sector. To bring in this investment, there are a number of market failures and investment barriers that require urgent remedial action. A Green Investment Bank will be an essential means of unlocking the enormous scale of private sector investment needed.

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