Brotherhood of St Laurence

13 June 2008 The social inclusion and place based disadvantage workshop was held on the 13th of June 2008 at the Metropole Conference Centre in Fitzroy, Victoria, under the auspices of the Brotherhood of St Laurence's Research & Policy Centre and the Victorian Department of Planning & Community Development.

Social and community enterprise is no panacea to social inclusion. Where appropriately supported, however, this type of civil society activity can form part of a broader suite of community and third-sector led initiatives that empower communities and stimulate social innovation in response to local needs. As such social enterprise has a role to play alongside continued efforts to redress structural and systemic inequality at the macro level. Victoria has led the way in investing in and promoting the potential benefits of community and social enterprise in supporting social inclusion. If these kinds of enterprises are to become more than marginal activities generating a few 'good news stories', however, further work is required by policy makers, social and community enterprise leaders, and parts of the corporate sector.

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