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McLachlan, Rosalie

Deep and persistent disadvantage in Australia / - Canberra, A.C.T. Productivity Commission 2013 - ix, 236 p. - Productivity Commission staff working paper .

Contents Key points -- Overview -- What is this paper about? -- What does it mean to be disadvantaged? -- The extent of disadvantage in Australia -- Factors influencing life chances of experiencing disadvantage -- The costs of disadvantage -- Where to from here?-measurement and data issues -- A: Characteristics of Australians most likely to experience disadvantage -- B: Strengths and weaknesses of measures of disadvantage used in Australia -- References Acknowledges Francisco Azpitarte (Brotherhood of St Laurence and Melbourne Institute

Headline statistics on Australia's most disadvantaged people frequently appear in the media, with the number of Australians living below the poverty line being often quoted. But little attention is given to explaining what lies behind these statistics, how much of the story they tell, and the judgments that sit behind them. Poverty, for example, focuses on just one facet of disadvantage and the basis for drawing a line between those living in poverty and those who are not is not always clear. ; Nor is it often explained that many of the headline statistics provide a static picture of disadvantage. But what happens over time matters. For example, people can move in and out of disadvantage relatively quickly - such as when they first enter the workforce - while others can remain disadvantaged for extended periods of time. Following the same people over a number of years is critical to understanding deep and persistent disadvantage. [...] ; Against this backdrop, this research paper has sought to find answers to a number of questions, including: ; - what does it mean to be disadvantaged? ; - how many Australians are disadvantaged and who are they? ; - what is the depth and persistence of disadvantage in Australia? ; - where do Australians experiencing disadvantage live? ; - what factors influence a person's risk of experiencing disadvantage? ; - what are the costs of disadvantage and who bears them?

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