Brotherhood of St Laurence
Ware, Vicki-Ann

Addressing locational disadvantage effectively / - Melbourne, Vic. Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute 2010 - PDF - Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute [AHURI]. Research .

Commissioned by Housing New South Wales August 2010 Appendices : p. 51-100 Bibliography : p. 101-103

This report is the final output of a synthesis examining the nature of locational disadvantage and ways in which governments can intervene to improve the lives of disadvantaged residents in areas of concentrated poverty and disadvantage. The report outlines the synthesis methodology used, then explores the complex and contested concept of locational disadvantage. This is followed by discussion of some interventions used in the US, UK and EU to improve the life chances of residents of disadvantaged areas, leading to conclusions about broad principles for achieving lasting improvements.


Low Income Groups Economic Aspects
Neighbourhood Social Aspects
Social Services Cross-cultural Studies
Social Welfare Cross-cultural Studies
Socially Disadvantaged

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