Brotherhood of St Laurence
A stronger, fairer Australia / - Canberra, A.C.T. Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2009 - 86 p. : ill.

Bibliography p. 82-86

Despite the high levels of economic growth recorded in Australia over the last decade, too many Australians are still excluded from the opportunities they need to create the life they want. They can be trapped in a spiral of disadvantage caused by family circumstances, low expectations, community poverty, lack of suitable and affordable housing, illness or discrimination often leading to early school leaving, long-term unemployment and chronic ill-health. The Australian Government, assisted by the Social Inclusion Board, has developed a set of principles to guide governments, businesses, community organisations and individuals as they formulate social inclusion programs.Our social inclusion priorities have been selected by using evidence about the causes and consequences of social and economic disadvantage. These priorities, where disadvantage is often a result of multiple, complex and interconnected barriers to participation, are: targeting jobless families with children to increase work opportunities, improve parenting and build capacity; improving the life chances of children at greatest risk of long term disadvantage;reduce the incidence of homelessness; improving outcomes for people living with disability or mental illness and their carers; closing the gap for Indigenous Australians; and breaking the cycle of entrenched and multiple disadvantage in particular neighbourhoods and communities.


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