Brotherhood of St Laurence
Ticket to Work [website] / Ticket to Work ; BSL - [Fitzroy,Vic] : Brotherhood St Laurence, [2022.]

Ticket to Work works to improve employment opportunities and outcomes for young people with disability. The initiative grew out of research that showed participation in work and career experience during secondary school are key indicators of post-school success for young people with disability.
Work is a fundamental part of adult life. It gives us a sense of purpose and a feeling of worth; shaping who we are and how we fit into our community. Because work is so essential, students with disability must not be deprived the opportunity to explore employment pathways in their transition to adulthood.
Ticket to Work does not provide direct services to young people with disability or their families. We encourage people to use our website to learn more about evidence based practice in school to work transition.
Ticket to Work has a podcast series that explores the 'world of work' for young people with disability.

Youth Employment
Workforce Barriers
School to work transition

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