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Title: Smyth Inclusive growth and Australian social policy presentation final Oct2011
Authors: Brotherhood of St Laurence
Smyth, Paul
Issue Date: Oct-2011
Abstract: Inclusive Growth and Australian Social Policy Paul Smyth Background 2010 flexicurity workshop flexicurity and gfc? productivity decline and social policy? Development policy and inclusive growth (2009 -) China\ India A broader framework to realign economic and social policy Now is the hour: minerals and shared prosperity Social and economic policy in developed economies Midgley (2008) Social security as: adjunct to economy Delinked from the economy Economically harmful An economic invetsment Welfare or social investment state? paradigm shift (Droboloski, Lister 2008) UK Commission on social justice (1994): Deregulators\ levellers\ investors Britain Giddens social investment state Subordinating social to economic (Lewis and Surender) From compensation to investment (Gough 2011) In EU OECD from social protection (1980s) to social investment (1990s) new paradigm Li
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